Alexander Aynbinder




Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Central Research Institute of Civil Structures (CNIISK), Russia.

M.S., Industrial and Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering University (MICI), Moscow, Russia.


American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)


Stress Analyses of the Gas and Oil Pipelines, Including Onshore and Offshore ones, as well as Facility’s Piping

Construction Technical Supervision and Failure Investigation


Over 30 years of engineering experience, including over 10 years in the United State, in the pipeline research, design and construction for oil and gas industries.

Major discipline is complicated stress analyses. Harnessing commercial program CAESAR® and TRIFLEX®. Development of stress analyses software and design criteria for onshore and offshore pipelines. Experience includes the front-end and detail design of onshore transmission pipelines, offshore pipelines and risers, pipeline crossings, compressor and pump station piping, and mechanisms of pipeline failures. Specific project assignments have included site visits, investigation of pipeline failure, risk assessment, fields data gathering, design and design supervision, structural and mechanical design, specification preparation, bid evaluations, and field construction technical supervision. 

RESUME(More Details of Experience)


Two books, including the handbook, thirty papers, fifteen guidelines, five inventions 

List of USA Publications:

Short List of Russian Publications:

The author of Chapter on Calculation of Strength and Stability for Transmission Pipelines, Russian Code SNIP 2.05.06-85.

"Calculation of Strength and Stability for Field and Transmission Pipelines," Handbook was published by NEDRA (Russia), Page 285, 1991, Moscow.

"Algorithm for Calculation of Pipeline Design in Frost-Heaved Soils under Condition of Ground Freezing Originating at the Top," VNIIST, 1986.

"Application of Numerical Methods to Underground Pipeline Calculations for the Influence of Temperature and Internal Pressure," VNIIST, 1976.

Guidelines for Using Computer Calculations for Main Design Parameters for Transmission Pipelines (Program KARAT.89), VNIIST, 1989.

Guidelines for Using Computer Calculations for Underground Pipelines Laid in Unstable Ground (Program PRS.86), VNIIST, 1987.

"Numerical Method of Calculation of Aboveground Axial Restrained Supported Pipeline System," VNIIST, 1980.